A fun and original activity

Creative floral workshops with Astilbe are moments of pleasure where your creativity can thrive!

In a relaxed, colorful, and fresh environment, emerge yourself into our universe of flowers and plants.

It is a wonderful activity for:

  • A bachelorette party
  • A fun night out with friends
  • A birthday or anniversary
  • A children’s party
  • A team-building activity

From season to season, Astilbe offers a variety of different themes! The workshops generally last about 2 hours and are for groups of 10-15 people. Each workshop begins with a demonstration followed by the time to create your personalized works of art.

We offer introductory explanation of the techniques needed for the theme of choice, we explain the varieties of flowers, types of tools, and how to care for them. We discuss the value of local products and give information about how to be responsible and eco-friendly in the world of floristry.  

All of the material is included, all that is missing is you!

Don’t miss our schedule which regularly updates with upcoming workshops where you have the chance to sign up!

Or contact us today to organize your own private and personalized workshop!