Astilbe is first and foremost a love story about flowers and a team of passionate florists. 


Astilbe specializes in weddings, private, and corporate events. Our boutique is full of a wide selection of flowers, plants, vases, and greeting cards for all occasions, which are available for pick up or delivery. Astilbe also offers creative floral workshops for private, public, or corporate groups. Sharing our passion and our philosophy for flowers is one of our greatest pleasures. 


Astilbe is a refreshing and contemporary alternative to traditional floristry. Local and seasonal products are at the heart of all of our creations. Living in a country that cannot easily grow all of the beautiful blooms that we use all year long, we make a special effort to celebrate the work of our local producers. We make a point to take advantage and prioritize Quebec or Canadian grown elements whenever we can, and highlight them in our arrangements. We are always on the look out for new eco-responsible initiatives and do our best to help to make a difference day by day in this ever growing industry.