Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 

We know that the organization of your wedding is a magical moment in your lives. Astilbe’s mission is to contribute to your experience, helping to make it as memorable as possible. We wish to offer all of our clients, not only high-quality service that goes above and beyond, but a respectful space where people feel heard and are able to express their dreams and vision.

Astilbe specialises in natural and elegant floral designs with a garden twist. Inspired by nature, our signature style combines a variety of high-quality seasonal blooms with a healthy dose of premium foliage varieties for added texture and movement. Together all elements create a natural and organic feel. Seasonal and local blooms are at the heart of our arrangements.

During the high season, we take special care to celebrate the work of our local producers and growers. Our natural and elegant style is elevated by the magnificent blooms that grow from our Quebec and Canadian soil. Because we are located in a Nordic climate, we cannot grow these blooms all year long. However, when we can, Astilbe always prioritizes these local products before other alternatives.

If these words call home to you, it would be our pleasure to work with you!

Write to us today to reserve your free initial consultation and check if we are still available for your special date! During this first consultation we will talk about your needs, your overall design concept, color palette, as well as the potential seasonal flowers available.

If ever you are not sure about the styling or design that you want, do not worry! Our team of experts would love to guide you and help bring your unique vision to life!

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