Saying goodbye to 2065 : A little tour of our old studio

Our old studio seen through the lense of Julia Garcia-Prat

Julia was working on a project to capture the behind-the-scences of creative entrepreneurs, and so she came to visit us in our studio during a busy Friday afternoon to capture the magic. It was such a pleasure to spend time with her. It just so happened that this was also a few days before we were going to move into our new location. Julia perfectly captures the light, the emotion, and the romance of the space. Looking back at these photos, sitting in our new studio, it feels like it was the best way to have said goodbye to that workshop. It was a great place for us for the past 2 years, and it was filled with plenty of laughter and other crazy adventures. We miss it a bit, but are so greatful to have these gorgeous images to remind us of all the memories. 

It is quite something to imagine that we created florals for more than 200 weddings and events in our petite studio of 700 square feet!

Bye Bye 2065 Parthenais -xx-

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